Asphalt Roofing Contractor

Asphalt shingles are often called “traditional” shingles because they’re typically the most common types of roofing you’ll encounter. Reliable and aesthetically pleasing, asphalt shingles feature a fiberglass base and an asphalt coating that is mixed with minerals to make the shingle waterproof. If you need to have your roof refurbished or replaced, than you can’t go wrong with an asphalt roofing contractor like Western Roofing Systems.

Asphalt shingle roof replacements are popular because they’re very cost efficient and yet deliver unrivaled protection. However, that alone isn’t enough when there’s such fierce competition in the modern market; consumers can expect a host of other benefits from a new asphalt shingle roof.

Materials for these shingles are plentiful and easy for asphalt roofing contractors to access, plus they are simple to install onto new roofs and easier to repair than other roofing materials. Your typical asphalt shingle will feature a lifespan of 15-20 years, and the minerals mixed into the asphalt granules help protect the shingles from damaging UV rays or from absorbing too much heat. This element of insulation maintains your home’s energy efficiency by helping to naturally keep your home cool.

Regardless of their simplistic design and abundance, asphalt roof replacements remain an attractive and popular investment because asphalt can complement any home’s design. Furthermore, the roof of your home is an incredibly important aspect because it must protect you from the elements constantly, so choosing the affordable option is always better than choosing not to take action at all. While other materials may have benefits, asphalt will always be reliable and readily available.

To learn more about our asphalt roofing contractor services in San Jose, CA, get in touch with us today at Western Roofying Systems. We’ll help you plan out and completely overhaul your home’s roof so that it can be rebuilt to look as good as new. Protect your home and refresh its appearance today!

Mike Lunnerborg – Owner

Contractor License number: 679725

Mike is the owner of Western Roofing Systems. Mike has been a roofer since 1970. He worked for Cal Pac roofing for over 20 years which was one of the biggest roofing companies at the time. In 2006 Mike started Western Roofing Systems. Mike has over 10,000 installs under his belt and to this day is still out there working with the crew on all the jobs