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Headline: Western Roofing San Jose Launches New and Improved Website

Campbell, CA – After brainstorming, planning, and designing, the team at Western Roofing San Jose has launched a new website. This website is designed to be easily accessible by their customers, have a simple and clean aesthetic, and highlight all the products they offer. The company will offer special products and discounts via their new website to give customers the best deals for roofing in San Jose, CA.

The website is divided into separate sections, making it easy for viewers to peruse at their own pace. In their products section, they emphasize their use of high-quality roofing materials, wide variety, and convenient scheduling. Western Roofing is dedicated to making sure that properties in Santa Clara County have stable roofing in case of storms or other extreme weather conditions.

For this, they offer asphalt shingles, which provide stable and sturdy support against the worst weather conditions. The team also specializes in IB PVC membrane Flat roofs. These are extremely popular in California, as these are lighter than the traditional tar and gravel roofs. The team can also replace gutters that have been damaged in storms.

Anyone looking for evidence of Western Roofing’s work can visit the Our Work tab on their new website, which shows before and after pictures of previous projects throughout the San Jose area. They now have an entire page dedicated to testimonials of customers looking for the best San Jose roofing.

With their new web design, the company is taking the opportunity to connect to customers through the site before the first consultation. The team provides a general overview of their process as well, so customers know exactly what to expect when Western Roofing arrives at their property. The FAQ page answers common questions about their service, which saves the customer and the company time on the phone going over technical details.

The company is also using the website as an opportunity to introduce team members to the San Jose community. They list their mission statement, ethics, which includes their dedication to fast remodeling with great customer service. Through the website, Western Roofing ensures that the customer knows they can trust the company before they even dial.  

Residents with roof damage or remodeling needs in San Jose and surrounding areas are encouraged to contact Western Roofing through their website or by phone for a free consultation.

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