Being a homeowner comes with plenty of stressful situations and pesky repairs, but most people don’t think twice about their roofs. It’s no secret that roofing protects us from pests and the elements; however, it’s usually one of the last things we think about when it comes to basic maintenance. Many won’t notice a problem with their roof until it has become a major undertaking to fix. With that in mind, follow along to learn the most common residential roof repairs to stay ahead of the game.

Poor Installation Issues

Some of the most frustrating roofing issues are those that begin with poor installation. Unfortunately, inexperienced and unskilled workers offer roofing services for a lower price, making them appealing to customers. Despite saving on the initial installation, you’ll most likely have to pay more in repairs down the line to fix what they messed up. For that reason, it’s always worth it to pay a little more for a reliable, experienced roofing company to do the work right the first time around.

Pest Infestations

Pests are difficult to deal with. Frustratingly, they can infest any part of your house, including your roof and chimney. In fact, it’s relatively common for insects and small animals to make their nests inside chimnies, as they’re warm and safe. However, their presence can be incredibly dangerous for your family. Their nests create obstructions in your chimney, which can make it difficult for smoke and other fire byproducts to escape your home when you light a fire. As a result, smoke and gases will linger in your living space, so pest removal is crucial for your safety.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are definitely some of the most common roof repairs for residential structures, and they can result from various issues. Regardless of why your roof is leaking, it can be extremely frustrating as a homeowner. Be sure to check for signs of water damage—spots or leaks—and don’t ignore them. Unfortunately, simple leaks can lead to extensive, costly damage if you leave them untreated for too long. As soon as you notice signs of a leak, be sure to call a roof repair company to assess and repair the damage.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Damaged or missing shingles are very common occurrences, but these issues can cause significant damage to your roof. In many cases, sun exposure, high winds, or passing time are the most common causes of damaged or missing shingles. Even though it might not seem like a significant roofing concern, shingles protect your home from the elements. As a result, worn shingles are a surefire way to welcome deeper roofing issues.

Clogged Gutters

While most people believe their gutters are separate from their roofing systems, clogged gutters may cause significant damage over time. When dirt, debris, and leaves clog them, water on the roof has nowhere to go, so it pools in the gutter system and may overflow. The longer water sits inside the system, the more it can seep into your roof and cause unnecessary water damage. Therefore, cleaning your gutters or hiring someone else to do it is a necessity when it comes to basic maintenance.

Pro Tip

Consider installing screens over your gutters to decrease the amount of sludge and debris that can build up in them.

Ventilation Malfunctions

Interestingly, your roofing system is a significant part of your home’s overall ventilation. However, poor ventilation can cause moisture to build up in your home and raise the internal temperature. As time passes, you can expect insulation problems, roofing deterioration, and high energy bills. Luckily, an annual roofing inspection will determine whether or not your home’s ventilation system is working properly.

Pooling Water

Pooling or standing water is yet another common roof issue for homeowners. If your roof begins sinking in some areas, water might pool there rather than evaporating or draining off. While this issue is more common with flat roofs, it can happen to any home. Because the moisture is continuous, algae, mold, and mildew may grow on the roof, absorb into your home, and affect its structural stability.

Improper or Damaged Flashing

Flashing helps to seal any oddly-shaped protrusions on your roof’s surface, from chimneys to skylights. If something causes damage or roofers don’t install it properly, you might experience various issues like leaks and ventilation malfunctions. An experienced roofing company will ensure the flashing is secure and does its job—be sure to pay special attention to this material whenever you conduct independent roof inspections.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is very common for many homeowners. Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather and the damage it may bring. However, you can stop it from getting worse. If a tree falls on your roof, it can cause extensive damage. Obviously, you need significant repairs if a branch comes through the roof into your living space. That said, minor damage requires attention too.

Whether it be heavy winds, fallen debris, or a hailstorm, you should consider a roof inspection following brutal storms to ensure your roof remains in good, solid condition. Surprisingly, minor storm damage might go unnoticed without an inspection, but it can worsen over time and lead to larger repairs down the road.

After learning more about the most common residential roof repairs, you can protect your home and make sure to give your roof the proper attention. It’s no secret that roofing materials and repairs can be highly expensive; that said, staying on top of roof repairs and damage can save you a significant amount of money in the future.

Even though you might not think too much about the roof over your head, you shouldn’t put off repairs and replacements—you’ll likely end up paying more for them after the issue worsens. There’s nothing worse than dealing with extensive issues, but you can usually prevent them by catching them in the early stages. Whether you need a minor repair or an entirely new roof, putting it at the bottom of your priority list is never the right answer. Contact Western Roofing Systems for all your roofing needs and more information about our services—we’re here to help you!

What Are the Most Common Residential Roof Repairs?